First, we’d like to welcome you to the Flappycoin community with open arms. You’re well on your way to becoming apart of something amazing!

PLEASE NOTE: If you already have flappycoin wallet software from 2016 or earlier you must understand that it will no longer work with the new configurations of our blockchain, but rest assured your coins are safe. Please follow the direction AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Windows Users (Flappy 5.5)

First Time Installing Our Wallet? Follow Directions Below!

1) Download the 5.5 bootstrap.dat (entire compressed block chain to make syncing less time-intensive) and unzip it.
2) Download flappycoin-qt 5.5.5 (Windows Version) and unzip it. The exe contains as a default seed, so this time no need for a separate flappycoin.conf!
3) Open flappycoin-qt.exe and then close the program
4) Press the Windows Key + R for the Run… dialog
5) Type: %AppData%\Flappycoin and press enter to open the folder
6) Move previously downloaded bootstrap file to Flappycoin folder
7) Open flappycoin.qt again and allow to completely sync with the blockchain (should say “Import blocks from disk” in the taskbar. You can even open the Debug Window (see below) for details as the import progresses.

Solo Mining

8) Once Sync is complete select help from the top menu
9) Then click Debug Window and Open The Console Tab
10) In the lower textbox enter,


You should see at least a gigahash of hash power. If not, something may have gone wrong and you’re on the wrong chain fork!

You might be tempted to do CPU mining with the setgenerate command here, but that’s generally a bad idea as it’s unprofitable and would be a long time before winning a block. If you have a GPU or ASIC and are looking to mine, consider joining a pool.

Pools Available here!

Note for reference all of the above downloads are also linked from the Google Sites page.

Already Had A Flappycoin Wallet? Follow Directions Below!

1)Navigate to “My Computer”
2)In the search bar at the top enter, %appdata%
3)Now look for a file named, “Flappycoin”
4)Delete everything in the folder EXCEPT YOUR WALLET.DAT FILE (this contains all you coins)
5) Now follow directions above for “First Time Installation”

Flappy 5.5 new codebase

If you run into issues with the wallet above, the Windows build of a new wallet forked from the modern Litecoin codebase can be found here. This should be fully compatible with the same bootstrap.dat and wallet.dat files.

This is also meant to be more straightforward to build from source on Windows 10. Bug reports and patches are welcome via GitHub.

Flappy 4.1 Archive

If you’re interacting with the Flappy 4.1 pre-forked chain or troubleshooting issues such as the “Displayed transactions may not…” problem on a 4.1 wallet, use the following downloads:

Note: if you have continued mining on the 4.1 chain after February 2018, any such mined coins are unlikely to be of value.