First, we’d like to welcome you to the Flappycoin community with open arms. You’re well on your way to becoming apart of something amazing!

Mac Users (Flappy 5.5)

Get it here

Mac Users: First Time Installing Our Wallet? Follow Directions Below!

1) Download the Flappy 5.5 bootstrap.dat (entire compressed block chain to make syncing less time intensive), and unzip it in your Downloads folder. Note Flappy 5.5 has two seed nodes compiled in so no requirement to install a distinct flappycoin.conf!
2) Download the DMG (Mac version) and double-click to install.
3) Open from the Applications folder then close the program
4) Use Spotlight (magnifying glass in the top-right) to open up a Terminal window
5) In Terminal, copy both the unzipped bootstrap and configuration file with the command:

cp ~/Downloads/flappycoin.conf ~/Downloads/bootstrap.dat ~/Library/Application\ Support/Flappycoin/

6) Open again
7) It should then synchronize from disk for the first million+ blocks, then synchronize remaining blocks with the network. You can open up Help -> Debug Window to watch the process. If you have a solid state drive this should take roughly one hour. With rotating disks or an otherwise older Mac the process may take longer.

Solo CPU Mining

This works on macOS as well, e.g.:

setgenerate true 2

to use two cores.

To check your mining stats enter in the Debug Console,


Of course CPU mining is just as unprofitable on Mac as it is on Windows, so head to our mining pools page to get started with GPU and ASIC mining.

Flappy 5.5 new codebase

If you run into issues with the wallet above, the Mac dmg of a new wallet forked from the modern Litecoin codebase can be found here. This should be fully compatible with the same bootstrap.dat and wallet.dat files.

For power users: this is also meant to be more straightforward to build from source, ultimately supporting the make deploy build step. Bug reports and patches are welcome via GitHub.

Flappy 4.1 Archive

If you’re interacting with the Flappy 4.1 pre-forked chain or troubleshooting issues such as the “Displayed transactions may not…” problem on a 4.1 wallet, use the following downloads: