“Isn’t Flappy dead?”

Well that had been so, when the original developer abandoned this project ages ago. Scattered throughout message boards were cries for help, “Save Flappy Coin!” “Bring Flappy Back!” And as of April 14th, 2017 a new team of developers as part of the “Cryptsy Community Relief Project” have stepped in to revive Flappycoin. They are determined to restore Flappycoin to its former glory and have proven their dedication by working tirelessly to complete the task.

“So what happened while I was gone?”

When Cryptsy’s CEO was found to have stolen millions of dollars from his cryptocurrency exchange site, he was slammed with multiple lawsuits from previous account owners. As a result of the lawsuits, a client had the opportunity to buy some of Cryptsy hardrives containing large sums of altcoins, although the altcoins purchased were mostly dead and worthless. Thus, the buyer decided to give them away to prospective developers who would revive the dead currencies. Flappycoin happened to be a part of this generous donation and as of April 14th, 2017 a set if developers have claimed this rewarding project. They have already begun to give away Flappycoins to the community to jumpstart the coin’s revival.

“What’s happening right now?”

Our new developer team has being working tediously to restore Flappycoin to prime condition. They have kept our community constantly informed on the project’s advancements and provided a number of ecosystem tools including several releases of the new wallet. Check our News Sections for Updates and Advancements on this project.

“What can I do to help?”

If you’re good at coding you can check bitcointalk.org for bounties. The rest of us have to be patient and wait. Just Ensure you visit our site’s News page regularly to check for any updates on the project.

“What if I’m an original Flappycoin HODLer?”

First we’d like to welcome you back to Flappycoin community. Thank you for your  support and longstanding community participation. You might have questions about how this will affect any “old” cryptocurrency you may have stored in your old wallet. Well the good news is, anything you own from the proof-of-work days is still on the blockchain and ready for use today, so dust off those wallet.dats!

Want to contribute to our site?

We are seeking volunteers to help populate our site, whether it be site enhancements or content creation. After all, we are a community and thus require your input and creativity. Visit our “Become A Contributor” page under the “Community” Tab to learn more.