Help Get Flappycoin Listed On Cryptopia

Hello Flappycoin Community,

Our currency has been accepted and thus grown through the continued volunteered support of our extraordinary community members. I would personally like to thank each individual for there contribution to this project and hope that you remain loyal to our vision; Flappycoin once again being apart of the cryptocurrency community.

With this in mind, we feel that our coin has finally reached the stage of once again being apart of worldwide cryptocurrency exchange sites. Thus, we must take the first step of listing Flappycoin on Cryptopia; a world leader in cryptocurrency exchanges. We do however need to pay a fee of 400000(dot) which costs roughly 1.06612800 (btc). Waya, a Flappycoin community member, has set up a page where he will trade you 1000 FLAPPY for each DOT or 5 FLAPPY per satoshi, to fund this dream.  Support this vision to restore the formeor glory of the Flappycoin Currency!

Blockchain Moving

Hey Flappycoin community! The developer has announced that the blockchain is finally moving again; currently at Block 700650. He earlier stated that the Proof-of-stake algorithm would kick in at block 704200, allowing for final testing and public release.

So we’re only 3550 blocks out from, “The biggest moment of the year!” Stay tuned for more updates.


New Website!

I would like to welcome you to our new website. Created to inform all that “FLAPPYCOIN IS BACK!” We tried to keep it simple and clean; showcasing primary info in a user friendly way.

I’d also like to inform you that we are seeking volunteers to help populate our site, through site enhancements and content creation. We are able to grant you admin privileges, allowing you to alternate aspects and add to our site. If interested please visit the “Become A Contributor” Page under the community tab.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions with regards to the website layout, content, etc. please feel free to visit the “Contact” Page to get a hold of us.