Friday, April 13

We’ve instated links to a new bootstrap.dat that goes up to this morning’s block 1147620.

TradeSatoshi’s support team has addressed their node issues and is back in sync (login required) with the chain.

Wednesday, April 11

The bootstrap.dat and Windows wallet links have been updated.

Friday, March 23

Play for Crypto is confirmed to be on the 5.5 chain, thanks to user csseyah.

Sunday, March 18

The flappycoin game and total supply ticker have been updated to the 5.5 chain.

Wednesday, March 14

As of today, TradeSatoshi is on the 5.5 chain and thus open for withdrawals / deposits.

Saturday, March 10

By popular demand, the 5.5 Mac wallet has been uploaded to Github and featured on the wallets page.

Tuesday, February 20

With more eyes on the codebase, we can confirm the 5.5 hard fork is okay to use going forward. Read the full analysis and details in the Bitcointalk thread.

As with the last fork, this will take some time to migrate cross-platform wallets and services to the new chain, so please bear with us as various resources on this site still pertain to the Flappy 4.1 chain.

As always, continue to ask questions on Discord, the ##flappycoin IRC channel or FlappyCoin Telegram

What Is FlappyCoin?

6671014Flappycoin is peer-to-peer, decentralized cryptocurrency modeled after the extensively popular mobile phone game, “Flappy Bird.” Our currency has been resurrected by a group of dedicated developers, with full intent to restore Flappycoin to its former glory. Join the Flappycoin movement by becoming apart of  our Community.

Your Second Chance To Board The Rocket!


We can be considered “A fresh cryptocurrency, with an experienced community”. This is your second chance to board the Flappycoin rocket! Mine some coins and become an elite member. Visit our wallet page, check out the pool mining page, follow our lively subreddit, and join us on Discord.

 Blocks Reward (Flappy 5.5)
1034940-1036859 1000 FLAP
1036860-1071554 420000 FLAP
1071555-1073332 10000000 FLAP
1073333-1079999 5000 FLAP
1080000-1080999 100000 FLAP
1081000-1081999 5000 FLAP
1082000-1082999 10000 FLAP
1083000-1189999 5000 FLAP
1190000-1220999 100000 FLAP
1221000-1221999 5000 FLAP
See Github for the rest!

Why Flappy Bird?

14073389239_b78386930c_bThis lovable creature first stole our hearts when it hit the global app stores. Millions flocked to the platform, intent upon tapping endlessly; avoiding various pipes and earning highly respected scores. Even years after the game had been pulled, Flappy Bird remained an important reminder of how a simple idea can foster an ever-growing global community.

What is Proof-of-Work?

Flappycoin sprung onto the crypto scene in 2014 as one of the popular proof-of-work (PoW) coins mined using the Scrypt algorithm. This allowed gamers to put their GPUs to good use and mine coins, securing our network with fast transactions at a block time offlap one minute. Check out our pool mining page and relive that experience. Flappycoin is tailored to use the Kimoto Gravity Well (KGW) difficulty-retargeting algorithm originally invented for Megacoin.

What about Proof-of-Stake?

We’re seeing tremendous interest from the community in proof-of-stake (PoS). For the future we’re considering PoS that rewards Flappycoin owners for actively participating in securing our blockchain network. Your wallet would have to remain open allowing it to communicate with others’, continuously confirming authenticity of all transactions on the network. Read more about the technicalities here. Initial directions has have suggested instituting a swap to an entirely new PoS-based Flappycoin, although other options are on the table too. Either way, now is the time to get your wallets full of the PoW Flappycoin and involve yourself with the community!

Coin Perks

 bunny-1298864_960_720  2000px-Globe_font_awesome.svg  Noun_Project_lock.svg  Legal_font_awesome.svg
 Fast  Global Payment  Secure and Private  Decentralized
Payments Are Sent and Received Instantly Transfer Money Around The World  Requires No Personal Information  Not Government Issued